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1.   The current content of the syllabus is fulfilling the need of society, sufficient to breach the gap between society standards / current global scenarios and academic and enhances knowledge of functional areas of subject concerned.

2.   Current syllabus is adequately covers contemporary topics / global issues / emerging global and national trends in subject concerned.

3.   Thespecifiedcontenthoursstartedinsyllabusissufficienttocompletethecoverageofsyllabusaspereachcoursebytheteachers.

4.   Sufficient reference material and books are available for the topic mentioned in syllabus.

5.   The evaluation methods mentioned in the syllabus are sufficient for providing proper assessment.

6.   The current syllabus meets the expectations in terms of learning values, skills, knowledge, attitude, analytical abilities, applicability, relevance and practical orientation to real life situations.

7.   The syllabus is covering the aspect of life skills, transferable skills, cross cutting issues, gender quality, environment and sustainability human values, professional ethics etc.

8.   The course/ subject in the syllabus covers the aspect such as fundamental duties, national integration, peace, love, communal harmony, human rights, social security and sensitizing the students toward national development.

9.   The current syllabus tries to build the opportunities in terms of employability such a jobs, services and entrepreneurial attitude in the students.